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Bioprocess Equipment for biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Steridose specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of magnetic coupled mixers and radial diaphragm valves for biopharmaceutical plants.


Key features of Steridose's technology

Sterimixer® - configured to optimize flow or shear (application dependent), resulting in a higher yield and a more efficient process.

Sterivalve® - Aseptic Radial Diaphragm Valve providing high-performance flow control for sterile process applications.

Sterimixer® Magnet Lowering Device - safe and quick decoupling of the magnetic coupling between the magnet rotor and impeller.

Bioprocess Equipment from Steridose

Magnetic Coupled Mixers and Aseptic Valves for the Pharmaceutical Biotech Industries


The original magnetic coupled mixer for Pharmaceuticals


Minimize contamination risk with unique aseptic design valve

Magnet Lowering Device

Reduce costly maintenance time and the risk of damaged equipment


Magnetic coupled mixer for use in food, cosmetic and high purity chemical applications

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Supported Industries

For more than forty years, Steridose has been a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of magnetic coupled mixers and diaphragm valves for the global biopharmaceutical industry, providing equipment in demanding hygienic and sterile applications such as those involving serums, vaccines, plasma fractions, bacteria and cell cultures, and APIs.

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