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Dry Granulation // Powder Handling // Liquid Nano Particle Size Reduction 
Solid Particle Size Reduction // Liquids Processing // Powder Handling

IDEX Material Processing Technologies

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Each company within IDEX Material Processing Technologies provides unique, market-leading process equipment along with global support service solutions.

Global Leading Technology

Our equipment is technologically superior and optimized to meet the needs of every customer. We enable manufacturers around the world to achieve consistent, repeatable results in:

  • Size Reduction Solutions - Dry/Wet/Fine/Gentle Milling & Sieving
  • Powder and Tablet Handling
  • Nano-Enabled Solutions - Size Reduction/Cell Disruption, PureNano 
  • Agglomeration/Roll Compaction Solutions
  • Bio-process Equipment
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Dry Granulation


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Solid Particle Size Reduction


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Powder Handling Systems


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Liquid Mixing & Powder Dispersion


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Liquid Nano Particle Size Reduction


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Bioprocess Equipment


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