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Specialists in Powder Processing
and Milling Technology

Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment began in 1976 with the original The Quadro® Comil® Conical Mill.

A revolutionary concept at the time, the cone mill has proven to be one of the industry’s most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.

Quadro is the home of milling.



Key features of Quadro's technology

100% scalable process – there is a range of models that directly scale up from one to another with the same reliable results on target particle size and particle size distribution.

Our Scalable Lab System™ (SLS) is a unique benchtop powder milling and screening platform that utilizes one common drive with a series of interchangeable heads.

Utilizing unique SMARTdetect™ functionality ensures powder processing accuracy and
repeatability while reducing capital investment and costs.

Powder Handling Equipment from Quadro

As a respected market-leading provider of wet and dry milling technology, Quadro equipment consistently deliver solutions and provide the experience that other businesses in this space cannot offer.


Achieve tight particle size distributions in dry and wet milling applications.


Deagglomeration is a critical step in conditioning powders for production.

The Comil®

Fully scalable from R&D to large production volumes with accuracy and repeatability of results.

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Supported Industries

We offer the industry’s most extensive line of conical milling equipment for your API, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical or biotechnology applications.

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